Predator Protection Wire Safety Surround for 5 ft x 8 ft Walk-In Chicken Run with Metal Roof

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Protection from burrowing predators is essential for chicken runs. Save time over the old-school practice of burying wire by trenching. That task comes with a lot of backaches and frustrations and that is before it has be be done the next time because the wire will not hold up forever underground. The new solution is a wire surround that surprisingly is extremely effective at keeping predators out of the run. The wire is simply attached to the run (and coop if attached) and placed on the ground. The grass will grow up between the wire and hide it from view.

The reason is that our two foot wire barrier works is that it is too far for a burrowing predator to go without a tasty chicken reward. They may decide to burrow but will stop short of your run because it is simply too far. They seem to think they cannot ever get to the flock. Definitely check the area around the wire mesh every few days and fill in any holes if you choose this method of predator protection for your chicken run.

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